Since I, Martin Ng, is now busy in real life, this site has not been updated for a while. Maybe I'll just let this site stay like this. If anyone of you want to maintain this website or create a new team website (I perfer the latter), let me know! I will be very happy to know that this team is still alive. :-)

Friend Project added: Rosetta@home

Yet another protein-related BOINC-based project. And yet another SFX team! wink.

Friend Project added: SZTAKI Desktop Grid

Someone had created the Spread Firefox team in SZTAKI Desktop Grid (yet another BOINC-based project) at July 17, 2005. The project site isn't written in any language that I understand, so I don't know what the project is really about. If you can help translating, drop a message here. smile

Edited: I found the project description (in English) here.

Credit resumed

Apparently, the credit earned was resumed back to as original trend (11093046.43 cobblestones as of July 23). However, our team position is still the same. So your help is still greatly appreciated!

Credit recalculated

The CP.NET was recalculated three days ago and now our fallback to 7,311,495.76. What's worse is that we are now only in the fourth position, with 4 teams overtaking us within a few days. Obviously we need more fuel or else we will be kicked out of the top 10.

P.S. One may notice that I don't earn any credit recently. That's because my powerful project machine (for my final year project) was returned to the department. Now I have no machine that is as powerful as that one. Hence I now contribute in projects with smaller workunit size, e.g. Einstein@Home and Predictor@home. Nevertheless, this is by no mean to encourage you to leave this great team. You probably should stick with this term as long as you feel comfortable. wink

10 Million Credits Earned

Today, our credits earned passed 10 million (10,021,822.91 to be exactly)! Wow! However, our production rate has been decreasing, as you know. We need more SFXers and their machines! angry